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Software Architect,Technical Leader, Mentor

Consulting Architect @ Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary

I was born in Miskolc and grew up there also. Currently I am living in Balatonföldvár which is a very nice and attractive place near the lake Balaton.

My personal interest in IT began when i was child. In the primary school we had only one PC which marked as "dont touch it". Of course that's really exciting for a kid isn't it? 🙂
I started to learn IT and finally took the state exam in 2011 and became software engineer.

Now I work as software architect, and try to give the best for the collegues not only from professional aspect but also human point of view.
The last few years I have worked as a tech leader and learned a lot how can i help the guys in order to build up their competences. It is very important to me to see that i am useful and able to help.

That is my long story in short, but if I have piqued your interest, do not hesitate to contact me.


System Design

System Design

System design in software architectures involves creating a blueprint that outlines the structure, components, and interactions within a software system to ensure scalability and maintainability.

Technical Leadership and Mentoring

Technical Leadership and Mentoring

A successful technical leader not only shares their experiences and insights but also listens actively, providing guidance tailored to individual strengths and aspirations, ultimately shaping a community of proficient, inspired professionals.



At its core, DevOps aims to streamline the software development lifecycle by integrating development, testing, deployment, and monitoring, enabling teams to respond more effectively to changing market demands and deliver higher-quality software.

Agile Sofware Development

Agile Sofware Development

Agile Software Development is a collaborative and iterative approach that prioritizes adaptability and customer collaboration over rigid planning, focusing on delivering functional software in short


15 Years of Experience


2017 - Current
Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary

Management Consultant (Software Architect)

Basically, I work in an overarching role as an architect. I am involved in several projects and deal with different layers of cloud technologies from IaaS to serverless. Beside the architect tasks I am part of the middle management team.

Management responsibilites:

  • Researching and assessing new technologies to continuously improve the
    technology asset of the company
  • aligning company wide strategic competence development according to the project
  • portfolio and future plans
  • designing, organising and implementing academy program for the trainees
  • leading the technical interview team and screening the candidates

Technical activities:

  • architectural planning
  • functional planning and development
  • technical leadership and mentoring
2015 - 2017

Technical Lead (Team Architect)

I have participated in the development of a microservice ecosystem in the financial sector for sales support.


  • architectural planning
  • functional planning and development
  • technical leadership
2009 - 2015
evosoft Hungary

Software Engineer

I participated in a product development that was a Siemens production system to reduce customer costs by creating own configurations on a specific interface(Sinasave).


  • Software development
  • Functional planning
  • Bugfix
  • Code Review
  • Go-Live-Support


University of Miskolc


University of Miskolc


Hard Skills

System Design

Microservice Architectures

API First Approach

AWS Cloud Services

Azure Cloud Services

Continuous Integration and Delivery

Virtualization (Docker, K8s)

Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, CloudFormation)

Soft Skills




Mentorship and Coaching

Time management and prioritization


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